Yoga Classes

To know what yoga is all about you have to actually do it. Yoga can be practised by anyone – no special clothing or equipment’s are required – you will only need a strong desire for a healthier fulfilled life. Regular practise of yoga asana (postures), coupled with proper breathing, known as pranayama, will alleviate stress and tension, revitalising the body and helping to control the mind making you feel calm, refreshed and youthful.

Sivananda Yoga

Sivananda yoga is a traditional holistic approach to Hatha yoga to help stretch and tone the whole body.

The postures help to enhance the flexibility of the joints, muscles, improve circulation, stimulate and massage the internal organs to improve organ function, maintain a flexible and strong spine enhancing blood circulation helping to keep the body young and strong.

The 12 basic sets of sequences are easy to learn and followed by deep relaxation – variations are then added to further deepen the practise.

There is no age restriction suitable for everyone including absolute Beginners.




Relax and Unwind Yoga

This class is ideal for those who want to just relax and unwind. Class programme includes deep breathing exercises, gentle stretches, guided meditation / relaxation to finish off.

The deep breathing exercise is to help strengthen the cardiovascular muscles and improve blood pressure. Help to rid of accumulated stale air. Alleviate depression, anxiety, reduces stress levels, promotes relaxation and improve quality of sleep.

Gentle yoga stretches to ease those tired muscles after a day’s work

Finally, a fully guided meditation practise (yoga nidra – “yogic sleep”) whilst lying down or if you can’t lie down you can still do this seated for you to enter into a deep state of conscious relaxation.

The class is a perfect chill pill for your mind and body.  Suitable for everyone

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa Yoga coordinates movements with breathing to flow from one specific sequence of poses to the next. It helps to build core strength, balance and flexibility. This is a great style of yoga to release toxins from your body. It is challenging but fun and ideal for those who wants to take their practise to the next level.

It sets the foundation to move onto more advanced poses.

Suitable for  Beginners, Intermediate to Advance level.

Dru Yoga

This form of yoga focuses on postures, breathing exercise, relaxation and meditation to help develop strength, flexibility, core stability, deep relaxation to rejuvenate your whole body. The sequences are called Energy Block Release. Lovely flow sequences to help with your mind, body and spirit.

The Benefit of doing Dru yoga; helps back problems, reduces stress, and helps gain higher energy levels. Dru yoga consists of classical Hatha Yoga postures and breath work. This form of yoga is for everyone regardless of age and fitness level. Suitable for Beginners

Hatha Yoga

This is the ancient style of yoga and it’s the general structure for most styles of yoga (it has been around over 5000 years possibly even longer). It is an old system which includes postures synchronized with breathing exercises to help connect with your mind and body. Hatha yoga aims to generate balance in the physical, mental and spiritual body. Hatha yoga is relatively gentle and slow. The following classes are all based on Hatha Yoga

– Gentle flow & Hatha Flow – these are set of flow sequences where one posture follows another
– Gentle Hatha, Hatha Yoga are all based on Hatha yoga postures together with breath work in a traditional method.

If you have any injuries or any ailments or are starting out for the first time we recommend you start with our Gentle classes.

All our Hatha Yoga classes are the ideal starting point being suitable for absolute Beginners or students who prefer a more relaxed style of yoga.

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