Private Class

Why you need a Private Yoga session?

These private sessions will allow you to ease into yoga and will give you a clear focus on your goals and needs

If you have never done yoga before, the chances are you are not that flexible. So, you might find joining a group class intimidating and shy away from ever trying yoga at all. Taking a few private yoga sessions will be well worth the investment and also can help you muster up the courage to participate in a group yoga session.

You will get 100% of your yoga teacher’s attention to help YOU with your practise as well as show you how to get into and out of every posture properly. You will be using yoga props to get started until you get used to the postures.

Class plan specially designed to meet YOUR needs…

Do you struggle with back pain or knee pain? Are you recovering from a stressful event? Are you new to yoga?  We will tailor a class plan specially catered for your specific needs.  Offer appropriate modifications for each pose, sequences and pose to help bring your body into a state of optimal health.  You will get tools and tips that you can use outside of your class “off the mat” some breathing and meditation techniques to help you get through tough times in life and the opportunity to gain self-confident, strength and gain flexibility.

Questions to Ask Yourself when Considering Private Yoga

  • What are my goals? Short/ long term.
  • What style of practise am I looking for e.g. strength building, gentle, Breathing exercises, Meditation or recovery from an injury?
  • How often do I want to practice? Remember progress and change comes through consistent regular practise

“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self” — Aldous Huxley

What we are offering…

  • Programme put together specially for your specific needs
  • One to one sessions which will be held at Jenny’s Yoga Studio in Polesworth
  • Use of mats and yoga props so, you don’t have to go and buy your own
  • Free consultation before you commit to a programme
  • Classes are either on a one off basis or block of 3 class programme offering a 10% discount on the block booking
  • Telephone / email support
  • Personalised plan for you to practise safely at your home.

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