Tai Chi

What is Tai Chi?

You have heard of Tai Chi known for its healing qualities and it’s not very strenuous. You are at an age where you don’t want to do much but, are looking for some gentle form to keep your mind and body alert, strong and active.

It’s pleasing, easy and enjoyable practise. It contains inner strength, immense power for healing and wellness. Originally it’s used for martial art in 13th century China and now Tai Chi is practised worldwide as a health promoting exercise and with regular practise you will be able to feel the internal energy qi. (Qi – an energy force that flows through the body).

It’s a slow, graceful, continuous movement which flow smoothly from one into another.  The aim is to get your mind to focus solely on the movements of the form to help bring about a state of mental calm and clarity.

How Tai Chi can help YOU?

If you are feeling unsteady on the legs and want to build leg strength and improve your balance.   Tai Chi can improve both your lower body and upper body strength with regular practise. Tai Chi improves balance and reduces falls.

What are the benefits of doing Tai Chi?

Traditional Yang 108 style tai chi chuan is a fun and relaxing way to increase health.

Tai chi is a series of gentle flowing movements that aid the body in moving correctly. The style uses traditional chi gung breathing techniques and posture correction to maximise the body’s fight against old age and disease. It is a meditation in motion where the change between poses is as important as the final static pose.

The game of push hands is encouraged as a pastime once the form has been done.

Tai chi’s slow healing movements encourage the body to repair itself and it extends the skills you may lose through illness or old age.

This art has been practised for centuries in China and is a valued healing art.

Suitable for everyone including absolute beginners.

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