Joseph Pilates, a German native, created the Pilates exercise technique in the 1920s to help injured athletes and other sports professionals safely maintain their physical fitness. Pilates is a balanced workout that can be aerobic or non-aerobic. It involves low-impact exercises that focus on enhancing posture, flexibility, and strengthening muscles while emphasising proper breathing techniques.

Why Pilates?

Maybe you are suffering from back and joint problems; perhaps feel a bit anxious and not sure about joining a yoga class or maybe your Physiotherapist has recommended you do Pilates?

Always seek advice from a health professional before embarking on any exercise programme.

Whatever your reason Pilates is partly inspired by yoga it improves muscular and postural strength. It requires concentration and focus, because you move your body through precise range and motion.

With Pilates you don’t overwork your muscles or start sweating it’s a workout with variety of exercise performed in low repetition. Similar to yoga, Pilates also encourages deep, conscious breathing. Both Yoga and Pilates emphasise the connection between physical and mental health.

Pilates is suitable for all ages even with limited mobility and those with low fitness level from beginners to elite athletes.

What are the Benefits?

With regular practise it improves and increase muscle strength and tone various parts of your core muscles in your body.

Pilates can help reduce back pain and If you are suffering from an injury which might make exercise difficult for you then Pilates might be the solution and it’s favoured choice for athletes to aid with injury recover.

Pilates also helps increase your flexibility, improves posture, increases energy and also helps increase awareness of Mind/Body connection.

Pilates can help you maintain a healthy weight and it’s a whole body workout.

How our Pilates class can help YOU?

Our Pilates teacher specialises in combining traditional mat work exercise, mindful movement and functional fitness.  

You can expect low-impact body condition exercises performed in standing, kneeling, seated and lying positions.   Pilates works on the deep core and stabilising muscles of the body to strengthen and condition muscles, stabilise joints, increase flexibility, challenge balance and re-educate posture as well as reducing stress to create a fitter and more functional ‘YOU’.

Class concludes with a short period of relaxation. The principles that guide the Pilates method include a concentration on controlled, precise and flowing movements with a steady flowing breath.

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