Kids Yoga

About you…

Are you looking for a fun filled structured class for your child that delivers results?

How yoga can help your child?

Help developing strength and flexibility? Overcoming shyness, building confidence and being able to relax.

Benefits of doing kids yoga?

Kid’s yoga class will include stories to help them learn about yoga, fun filled yoga postures based on the stories and various games to help develop confidence. It will include breathing exercises that help strengthen and energize the body and so naturally reduce stress and help to focus the mind. It is an opportunity to learn that yoga is non-competitive, and teaches children to accept and cherish themselves as they are. Children are natural yogis and by practising yoga they will not only benefit, but they will enjoy it immensely.

Yoga helps supports positive mental health i.e. to be positive and less likely to succumb to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

What’s included?

  • Two weeks FREE taster session
  • 4 week class pass with fun filled yoga games and stories
  • Telephone / e-mail support

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